Reviews of An Introduction to Bernard Lonergan: Exploring Lonergan’s approach to the great philosophical questions, by Peter Beer, SJ

“Lonergan is considered by many intellectuals to be the finest philosophic thinker of the twentieth century”
TIME Magazine

“In this highly original introduction to the philosophical thought of Bernard Lonergan, Peter Beer takes the Hitchcock film, Dial M for Murder, and by a sustained discussion of how the murderer eventually comes to be identified, and the implications of such an identification, gradually and effectively leads readers to recognise concretely and name in themselves the various operations discussed in Lonergan’s cognitional theory and in his theory of evaluation and decision,  the conditions necessary for such operations to be objective.”
Professor Daniel Monsour, Regis College, University of Toronto

“This introduction to Lonergan’s  Insight draws on Peter Beer’s years of successfully using these exercises with college students. By identifying with the Detective’s experience of insight, readers are able to discover for themselves and understand what Lonergan describes in his monumental work, Insight
Professor Matthew Ogilvie, Director, Philosophy & Letters, University of Dallas

“It is the sign of a true master when the thought and insights of a philosophy as complex, prolific and dense as Bernard Lonergan’s is presented in such a way as to captivate the reader and to make intelligible Lonergan’s vast system. Peter Beer opens the door into Lonergan’s world for those of us who otherwise would never appreciate its riches’.
Thomas Riemer, Solicitor, Mallesons Stephen Jacques, Sydney

“I find this manuscript to be interesting, organized in a coherent fashion, accurate in what it claims about Lonergan’s views and very helpfully illustrated with many rich and  concrete examples”
Professor Michael Vertin, Dept of Philosophy, St Michael’s College, University of Toronto

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