Meeting the Challenges of Today: How Has Bernard Lonergan’s Thought Helped to Meet The Challenges Of Our Day And How Will It Help in the Future?
(Australian Lonergan Workshop IV)

edited by Cecilia Francisco-Tan
(ATF Press, Adelaide 2023)

The book can be purchased in softback version from this website (contact us here) or in one of four formats (hardback, softback, PDF and ePub) from ATF Press.

As can be seen from this volume, the Australian Lonergan Workshop aims to encourage a diversity of contributions from across many disciplines and fields, from emerging young voices and those who continually value Lonergan’s work to inform, to bring to birth insights stirred by what Frederick Crowe,sj, called ‘a profundity we have dimly glimpsed in Lonergan’s work; we have a sense of an enormous potential to develop.’ The result is a collection ranging from the eclectic, stirring and practical, to the richly theological, and scholarly. Nonetheless, each contribution adds to the valuable ongoing exploration of ideas necessary for conversation and progress. To this end, the Australian Lonergan Workshop while a modest publication, remains an invaluable vehicle for developing Lonergan scholarship in Oceania.

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction

Tom Daly Oration 2021 Authentic Subjects Transforming Cultures: Fr Tom Daly’s Contribution Robin Koning, SJ

The Education Moment: Some Suggestions for a Foundation in Education Geoffrey Brodie

Teaching Lonergan’s Transcendental Method to Undergraduates Loretta Brennan, csb

An Integral Scale of Values as a Heuristic for Understanding And Transforming Cultures Sean McNelis

Towards Communal Discernment of Universal Foundations: Contributions from the Catholic Faith Tradition Christina Kheng

Lonergan and Encounter with Australian Indigenous Culture Matthew C Ogilvie

Divine Initiative and Human Participation Kathleen Williams, RSM

Towards a Situation of Bernard Lonergan in Relation To other Theologians Matthew C Ogilvie

Lonergan’s Verbum as a Thomist Cipher Maddison Reddie-Clifford

The Superhero and the Hero’s Journey: From Kierkegaard and Nietzche to Lonergan Matthew C Ogilvie