Neil Omerod

Focus/interest: Trinity; Christology; Foundational theology; Christian anthropology; Natural theology; Ecclesiology

Academic qualifications: DTheol. (Melbourne College of Divinity 1997); TheolM. (MCD 1989);  BD (MCD 1986); PhD (University of NSW 1979); BA (Hons) (UNSW 1976)

Current position: Executive Officer (Research Analytics), Sydney College of Divinity

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Lonergan-related publications


2017 Faith and Reason: The Possibility of a Christian Philosophy, Fortress Press, Minneapolis

2015 (with Christiaan Jacobs-Vandegeer) Foundational Theology: A New Approach to Catholic Fundamental Theology, Fortress Press, Minneapolis

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1992 Grace and Disgrace: A Theology of Self-Esteem, Society and History, E.J. Dwyer, Sydney

Journal articles

2020 “The curious case of a priest who lost his faculties” Australasian Catholic Record, 97:206-15

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Edited collections and Conference Proceedings

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