Links to Lonergan websites

Archives and Resources

Bernard Lonergan Archive at Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA is a digital repository of primary materials related to the work of Jesuit philosopher/theologian Bernard Lonergan: archival papers and audio recordings of lectures.

Lonergan Resource at Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA is a repository of secondary-source materials including major papers and articles on Lonergan, recordings of major lectures and conferences, and longer monographs.


Lonergan Centres and Institutes in North America

Lonergan Institute at Boston College, Massachusetts, USA

The Lonergan Research Centre at Regis College, University of Toronto, Canada

Bernard J. Lonergan Institute at Seton Hall University, New Jersey, USA

The Lonergan Centre at St Paul University, Ottawa, Canada

Lonergan Institute “for the Good Under Construction”, Washington, USA

The Los Angeles Lonergan Center at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA

The Lonergan Society at Marquette University is a student run organization that hosts the annual, Lonergan on the Edge conference, which provides a voice for students and non scholars.


Other websites

Phil McShane has extensive writings on Bernard Lonergan, in particular Functional Collaboration and economics.

Bent on Futurology, a website by Terrance Quinn and John Benton, focuses on economics and education.

SGEME – The Society for the Glocalization of Effective Methods of Evolving

Lonergan_L is an online discussion group

Bernard Lonergan Latin America (Spanish)

Oestereichische Lonergan, Innsbruck, Austria (German)

The Lonergan Centre at Milltown Institute, Dublin, Ireland

Lonergan Forum is a venue for online discussion.

Bernard Lonergan en francais (French)

Jim Morin’s Lonergan Blog has news and information in Spanish

Bernard Lonergan Studies in Japanese

The writings of Tad Dunne

Terrance Quinn’s website focuses on mathematics, physics, economics and biology

Eileen DeNeeve’s Website focuses on Lonergan’s economic thought

Openers of the Positive Anthropocene seeks to meet methodological needs in the age of the anthropocene