Dr John Little

Focus/interest: Philosophy, management and business ethics

Academic qualifications:  BE (Elec), PhD

Contact: Email John

Biography:  John Little graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of Melbourne in 1967. He worked for several years in telecommunications, computers and control systems in Australia, UK and Iran, in management consulting in Montreal and in executive education in Australia.

He established his own general management consultancy firm in Melbourne in 1979, with focus on creative and collaborative problem solving, strategic planning and leadership training. He consulted widely across Australian business, government, church and not-for-profit organisations.

His discovery of Lonergan’s Insight in 1991 brought new depth to his consulting. He worked with Tom Daly to design and run workshops for his executive clients on ‘thinking’ and then, with Professor Jack Flanagan of the Australian Catholic University, he set up CREDO (Centre for Research and Education in Decision-making within Organisations) in 2002. He was its Director for the next six years and completed a PhD thesis on business ethics and the foundations of organisation and governance. John has written numerous papers on management topics and business ethics and addressed conferences in Germany, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore and the USA, as well as in Australia.

John and his wife, Mila, also ran a small farm near Melbourne for 18 years and retired to Bentleigh in 2019.  They have four children and six grandchildren – and a large extended family in Melbourne, Sydney, Germany and Croatia.


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