The Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan

Lonergan’s Collected Works have been published by University of Toronto Press.  Twenty-five volumes are listed below along with the publication date by UTP. The year in square brackets indicates the first year of publication by another publisher where relevant. For more details on each volume, see the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan series on the UTP website.

1Grace and Freedom: Operative Grace in the Thought of St Thomas Aquinas[1972] 2000
2Verbum: Word and Idea in Aquinas[1972] 1997
3Insight: A Study of Human Understanding[1957] 1992
4Collection[1967] 1988
5Understanding and Being[1980] 1990
6Philosophical and Theological Papers 1958-19641996
7The Ontological and Psychological Constitution of Christ2002
8The Incarnate Word2016
9The Redemption2018
10Topics in Education1993
11The Triune God: Doctrines2009
12The Triune God: Systematics2007
13A Second Collection[1974] 2016
14Method in Theology[1972] 2017
15Macroeconomic Dynamics: An Essay in Circulation Analysis1999
16A Third Collection[1985] 2017
17Philosophical and Theological Papers 1965-19802004
18Phenomenology and Logic2001
19Early Latin Theology2011
20Shorter Papers2007
21For a New Political Economy1998
22Early Works on Theological Method I2010
23Early Works on Theological Method II2013
24Early Works on Theological Method III2013
25Archival Material: Early Papers on History2019